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Helena river South Guildford

Birds and a bit of everything Photography from Australia. Australian birds photos and sightings Useful Sites  Links   On this site you can find birds like Scarlet Robin, Grey Fantail, Crow, Pelican, Cormorant, Honeysuckle, Darter, Cockatoo, Wattle, Heron, Wagtail, Kookaburra, Seagull, Pigeon, Lorikeet, Blue Wren..... and more. Birds

Birds Photography

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Birds live and breed in most terrestrial habitats and on all seven continents. There are around 10,000 living species, making them the most numerous tetrapods vertebrates. They inhabit ecosystems across the globe, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Most birds can fly, which distinguishes them from almost all other vertebrate classes. Birds' diets are varied and often include nectar, fruit, plants, seeds, and various small animals, including other birds. Because birds have no teeth, their digestive system is adapted to process unmasticated food items that are swallowed whole.

Photography from Australia

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Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia. With a population of around 1,700,000, Perth ranks fourth amongst the nation's cities, with a growth rate consistently above the national average. Perth was founded on 12 June 1829 as the political centre of the free-settler Swan River Colony. It has continued to serve as the seat of government for Western Australia to the present day. The Swan River Colony was a British settlement established at the Swan River on the west coast of Australia in 1829.

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Some photos of birds along the Swan and Helena rivers, bushlands, parks, wetlands. Helena valley is one of the small pockets of natural areas left untouched by urbanisation. Helena valley is perfect for bush walking and bird watching.

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